Masters 2019

Katalin Lorinc

Contemporary & Repertoire

Graduated at the Hungarian dance Academy as a ballet dancer.
She continues her Studies at „MUDRA” the professional school of Maurice Béjart where she learn pure Graham technique and Laban technique based improvisation. From 1978-81 she became a member of Cullberg Ballet under the leadership of Mats Ek. On 1981 she dance and create choreographies for the dance company Ballet Pécs and starts teaching Graham technique there. Later on, she dance at the Tanztheater Wien (Liz King), and teaching at Margit Manhardt’s Studio in Vienna. During many years she was a Freelance dancer, teacher, choreographer and play-director in diverse cities, theatres, schools, companies in Hungary. On 1989 she got a teacher contract at the Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg. From 2006 until the actuality, she became the main Graham teacher at the Contemporary Dance Academy in Budapest.

She also work as freelance dancer and actress at the projects of „Fortedanse” Company, “CompagniePálFrenák” “Company GergyeKrisztián”, “Natural Disastres”, “WillanyLeó Improvisational Group” and “Tellabor”

During her professional career as a dancer and teacher, she receive various important awards as: Award for teaching / The Hungarian Republic’s Bronze Award / Harangozó-Price (Hungary’s highest award in dance) The Dance Teacher of the Year (The award of the Hungarian Dance Association).


Attila Egerházi

Contemporary & Repertoire

Graduated at the Budapest conservatory, Attila Egerházi is a Hungarian choreographer, pedagogue and artistic director. Currently he is one of the founder, choreographer and artistic director of Székesfehérvári Balett Színház at Hungary. He has been artistic director, choreographer and teacher of many dance companies; 1998-2001 founder and artistic director of the Hungarian National Ballet's Choreographic Studio under the leadership of Gyula Harangozó, 2000-2003 artistic director of Ballet Pécs dance company (Hungary), 2003-2006 artistic director of Ballet Debrecen dance company (Hungary), 2009-2016 artistic director of South Bohemian Ballet Theater (Czech Repúblic), 2006 he  founded and directed the dance company Magyar Balett Színház (Hungary). He teaches in workshops all around the world: Prague (Dance Centre Pargue, Ballet Pargue Junior) Buenos Aires (Baleto Argentina de Julio Boca) Den Haag (Dance Academy) Italy (Dance courses in Livorno, Firenze, Roma and Montevarchi)  Spain (ARTDance International Dance Program)  India (Attakkalari Centre for Movements Arts), and collaborates with choreographers such as Jiri Kylián, Rui Horta, Petr Zuska, Vaclav Kunes, among others. During his career in Hungary he received the stronger consideration of national awards as a choreographer and artistic director called HARANGOZÓ-PRIZE. In 2010 with the South Bohemian Ballet Theatre’s company, he won an award with his choreographic work, for the best performance between all existing theaters in the country and among all departments including drama and opera called Divadelni Novin Prize.
In 2015 his choreography  “About Kafka” won the prize of the best choreography of the year in the Czech Republic.
He has been jury in many diferent dance competitions around Europe.

He is also the artistic director of the International Dance Workshop DansAmpostA.

Cristina Porres Mormeneo

Ballet Class

Graduated at the Dance conservatory Institut del Teatre of Barcelona.
In 2007 she started her professional dance career at Hungary with the Hungarian Ballet Theater where she danced many of Attila Egerházi’s repertoire. On 2009 she became a soloist dancer at the South Bohemian ballet theater’s company where she danced many other choreographies by Jiri Kylián, Rui Horta, Pter Zuska, Vaslav Kunes, Mario Radacovsky, Jan Kodet, Ole Kristian Tangen, among others. She is one of the main Attila Egerházi’s assistants and they work together around the world teaching his repertoire. 

In 2010 and 2011 she won consecutively the JD Thalia prize for her main roles of "Puk" and "Juliet".
From 2017 she is one of the main ballet master and soloist dancer of Székesfehérvári Balett Színház dance company at Hungary.

She also has been jury of many dance competitions all around Europe.

She is one of the founder of the International Dance Workshop DansAmpostA.

Carlos Miró

Classic, Contemporary, Repertoire and Acrobatics

Carlos Miró is doubly qualified superior in Pedagogy of Dance and Choreography and Interpreting Techniques by the Superior Conservatory of Barcelona Institut del Teatre. In the year 2000 he has the opportunity to work under the artistic direction of Roland Petit in the musical "ZiziJeanmaire", performed at the Maison de la danse de Lion and at the Paris Opera (Bastille). In 2004 he is part of the cast of dancers of the musical "Fama" directed by Ramón Ribalta and Coco Comín (Teatro Tívoli, Barcelona). Carlos Miró: In 2005 he began as choreographer, performer and artistic director of numerous productions such as "Nuredduna" (2005), "Jazztic" (2007), "Baccus" and "Mediterrània" (2008), "Per un tros del teucos" (2009), "Arrels" and "Trenca9's" (2010), creating the Companyia de Dansa del Teatred in September of 2006, of which he is artistic director, choreographer and dancer. In July of the 2006 Win the contest of contemporary dance Art Jove (Mallorca). In 2008 he won the Premi Proyectos Escenicos de Palma City Council for the show "Mediterrània". He is nominated and awarded as best male performer of dance at the Escènica awards for his show "Moja Bieda". Among his creations we can find such well-known titles as "The consecration of spring", "Bolero" and "The siesta of a faun".

Jacqueline Biosca

Official Organizer

Encabezado 5

Graduated at the Conservatorio Professional de Danza in classical ballet specialty and also in pedagogy at the Superior Conservatory of Institut del Teatre. She got a recognition by the Ministry of Education for her high studies of pedagogy in the organic law 1/1990, de Ordenación General del Sistema Educativo.

Degree in Methodology and Pedagogy by the School of Ballet of the Opera of Kiev. She also did a free exam course as a dancer at the Warsaw Ballet School and she is degree by the Royal Academy of Dancing of London at Elementary Certificate and Teaching degree.

Currently she is teacher and director of the Escola de Dansa Jacqueline Biosca and  main organizer and founder of the International Dance Workshop DansAmpostA.